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We have moved our online store to, Please make all your purchases and donations through there. Thank you for your understanding



Challenge-Bears BATTLE-BEAR
BATTLE-BEAR Custom-Reusable-shopping-bags
We have the capacity to sew and silk screen reusable shopping bags for all types of events!  We can customize our shopping bags with your logo! Order your batch today! Please contact for more details.
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    3 thoughts on “Shop Veteran Made

    1. Heather

      Precisely how much time did it take you to compose
      “Shop Veteran Made | Vets Corps USA”? It also has loads of really
      good tips. Appreciate it ,Penney

      • admin Post author

        The basic page layout took about 3 hours. The content took a few days. This WP theme is very well made. It’s not the easiest to navigate at first but it has several features that make it better than most WP templates.

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