Challenge Bears

A Challenge for a Child to Support the Environment and the Community

These Challenge Bears are sewn and stuffed by our Veterans, people who have lived life’s challenges.  Our Bears come with a challenge from the Vets to Support the Environment and Community.  A pocket on the back to hold mementos from these events, and strap to secure the bear to a pack or bike.  This project is a great way to educate children about the importance of being involved in the community.

Challenge yourself or a friend to tackle a beach clean up, or a park clean up.  How about volunteering at a soup kitchen? or participate in a walk for a cure. Or head over to city hall and learn how the political process works. Think of something you can do to challenge yourself to better the world around you.

Photos of you and your bear taking part in community support events like park clean ups and food for the homeless can be upload to our Facebook 


Help us fund our Challenge Bear Kickstarter campaign!

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