Help Us Fund Our Challenge Bear Project!

Update: 07/06/2016

Our Kickstarter campaign has funded! with the help of everyone involved we were able to purchase the stuffing machine and its cut back on stuffing time significantly (Our fingers are thanking us :-) ). We wanted to thank everyone who supported us and have helped get this idea off the ground.  Since then we have visited several schools and gave bears to classes as “Do Good’ mascots.  You can see their progress on our facebook page. Thank you everyone!

Also on a side note we have been updating the website which is where most of our information gets put out.


Our Kickstarter Campaign is Live and we need your help! Click the link below to see all the rewards we are offering to get our project started!

Lets help our Veterans get more work by producing these Bears as well as making the world a better place!
Challenge Bear Kickstarter

Hire Our Vets to Sew Your Bags!

Our Veterans are fully equipped to manufacture your next batch of customized reusable shopping bags!  We have manufactured several reusable shopping bags for different cities and organizations such as the City of Santa Monica, Los Angeles Department of Public Works, and Farmers Markets.  Let us sew your next batch of bags for your event!

Please contact for a quote or general information.

Check out an Article the LA Times did on our Veterans here

Buy our current bags here!

Vets Corps Print Studio

Vets Corps USA has printed its first run of shirts!

The veteran generated designs represent the leadership principals of the military and hold to the program’s ethos that Veterans are leaders, not victims. On its surface, the Vets Corps program teaches design, management, silk screening, printing, sewing and assembly, but the underlying goal is to create an environment where veterans build their self-esteem while working to rejoin the society they once defended. All proceeds from the sales of the shirts go back to the program to pay the Vets themselves and for machinery, supplies and instruction. The designs are printed on American made high quality T-shirts. Vets Corps is already taking orders for shirt printing from other non-profit organizations and companies that want to send their print work to a Veteran charity. Contact to receive a quote on T-shirt printing.

Buy our current Tees here!


Vets Corps Leadership Institute

The Vets Corps leadership institute is proud to teach returning and recovering veterans not just a trade, but also leadership skills. These skills serve them well while in the program, and as importantly, when they move on to civilian positions.
The work environment we provide involves problem solving, working with others, having compassion for other points of views, communicating ideas, and several other tasks that build effective leaders.
Leadership is a key element in the military and our program helps recognize and reignite the desire to be leaders. We facilitate on a regular basis, the interactions of our Veterans with leaders from local to national levels.
Our Veterans have shaken hands of our nations leaders, from council members to members of congress. Our Veterans stand proud as they are honored for their service both past and present and we are proud to part of their transition.



Challenge Bears

A Challenge for a Child to Support the Environment and the Community

These Challenge Bears are sewn and stuffed by our Veterans, people who have lived life’s challenges.  Our Bears come with a challenge from the Vets to Support the Environment and Community.  A pocket on the back to hold mementos from these events, and strap to secure the bear to a pack or bike.  This project is a great way to educate children about the importance of being involved in the community.

Challenge yourself or a friend to tackle a beach clean up, or a park clean up.  How about volunteering at a soup kitchen? or participate in a walk for a cure. Or head over to city hall and learn how the political process works. Think of something you can do to challenge yourself to better the world around you.

Photos of you and your bear taking part in community support events like park clean ups and food for the homeless can be upload to our Facebook 


Help us fund our Challenge Bear Kickstarter campaign!